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Amy O’Connor takes the helm as VP of Analytics and Donor Insights

Natasia Langfelder

Content Marketing Manager

Amy O’Connor has long been an asset to the Data Axle Nonprofit team. With over two decades of experience in the nonprofit fundraising industry, Amy has consistently proven herself driving strategies that move the needle in fundraising programs. This is why we are excited to announce we have elevated her role at Data Axle Nonprofit. As the Vice President of Analytics and Donor Insights, Amy is set to make waves in the industry.

Amy O'Connor, Data Axle Nonprofit

A Wealth of Expertise

Amy brings a wealth of experience and expertise to her new role. She has spent over 20 years dedicated to the nonprofit fundraising industry, making her a true veteran in the field. Her focus has always been on driving change and making a difference in the sector. Here are a few key areas where she’s made a significant contribution to the Data Axle Nonprofit team:

1. Donor Acquisition

Amy’s track record in donor acquisition is nothing short of impressive. Her innovative strategies have consistently expanded the reach of nonprofit organizations, bringing in new supporters and stakeholders. Her work has made a tangible difference, helping nonprofits connect with a broader audience and build their communities.

2. Analyzing Donor Loyalty and Value

In nonprofit giving, understanding donor loyalty and value is paramount. Amy’s analytical prowess has allowed organizations to identify trends in donor behavior and preferences. This insight has been instrumental in helping the Data Axle Nonprofit team craft more effective engagement strategies, ultimately leading to stronger donor relationships.

3. Unearthing Stories in Data

One of Amy’s talents is her ability to find the story within the data, something that is crucial at Data Axle. Beyond the numbers and statistics, we pride ourselves on uncovering narratives that guide decision-making. This storytelling approach has helped nonprofit organizations connect with their supporters on a deeper level, emphasizing the impact of their contributions.

Crafting New Techniques

Amy’s promotion to VP of Analytics is not just a recognition of her expertise; it’s a testament to Data Axle’s commitment to innovation and excellence. In her new role, Amy is dedicated to:

1. Exploring Emerging Trends

Amy is leading the charge in scouting emerging trends in nonprofit giving. By staying ahead of the curve, she aims to position organizations to take full advantage of the latest developments, whether in technology, demographics, or social dynamics.

2. Optimizing Performance

One of Amy’s primary objectives is to optimize performance across the board. Her innovative techniques will help nonprofits operate more efficiently and effectively, ensuring that every dollar spent yields the highest possible impact.

3. Central Role of Data and Analytics

Under Amy’s leadership, data and analytics will play a central role in shaping nonprofit giving strategies. These insights will enable more informed decisions and a greater impact on the communities and causes that organizations serve.

Leading a Dedicated Team

In her new role, Amy will head a team of dedicated professionals, harnessing the power of data and analytics in groundbreaking ways. The collaboration with this team promises to bring fresh perspectives and innovative strategies to reshape the nonprofit landscape.

A Commitment to Nurturing Talent

Amy’s promotion to VP of Analytics at Data Axle Nonprofit isn’t just about recognizing her exceptional skills and experience. It’s also a testament to the organization’s dedication to nurturing talent from within. We’re excited about the positive changes and growth that Amy O’Connor’s leadership will bring.

Natasia Langfelder

Written by Natasia Langfelder, Content Marketing Manager

With a passion for writing and an enthusiasm for data and tech, Natasia creates content designed to deliver nuggets of wisdom to help nonprofits elevate their data governance.