Build a comprehensive omnichannel acquisition strategy

Your campaigns deserve to be present across multiple channels. Let's create a custom solution that will bring your vision to life.

Seamless channel integration

Making donors feel valued is crucial to making them lifelong supporters of your mission. Data-driven personalization allows you to surround donors on their preferred channels with creative that will resonate with them. Relevant messaging allows you to attract new supporters, retain current donors and raise awareness of your mission in a crowded public consciousness.

Compelling digital creative and design

Data-informed creative bridges the gap between your mission and the audience who will support it. Our experienced creative team is dedicated to delivering high-performing campaign content. Acquire and retain donors with our tailored messaging and eye-catching, out of this world design.

Omnichannel takes multichannel a step further. Both strategies involve interacting with supporters via various communication outlets; however, an omnichannel marketing strategy requires integrating the different channels to provide a seamless, connected experience.”


Amy Braiterman

VP Omnichannel, Data Axle Nonprofit

Advanced modeling and analytics

Creating custom audiences based on sophisticated modeling techniques isn’t as difficult or cost prohibitive as 99% of the industry thinks. We can find your ideal donors. Based on a foundation of clean data, our innovative technology and custom-built models allow you to target and message based on microsegments such as ask amount, party affiliation, hobbies and interests, and much more.

Innovative media planning

Traditional approaches to media planning aren’t enough. We combine our unparalleled breadth of data and hands-on experience with data-derived insights and intelligence. Our industry leading experts develop custom omnichannel media plans that are continuously monitored and optimized for performance.

Optimize reactivation

Fall off a donor’s radar? Our lapsed reactivation services can serve as your exclusive lapsed modeling source. By leveraging recency, transactional and purchase behavior, and creating custom regression scoring, we can provide the detailed answers you need to reactivate lapsed donors. You worked hard to acquire these donors, we work to ensure they remain invested in your cause.

Reliable data processing

Data hygiene and processing are vital to all high-functioning nonprofits. A clean and well-appended house file is crucial for creating and deploying an effective omnichannel campaign. We can clean and append your data – as well as set up customized automated processes to ensure your target audience gets the message.


Automated data hygiene

How Save the Children reduced lead input time by 420%

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