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Digital donor data now live in the Apogee and DonorBase cooperatives

Omnichannel audiences will help nonprofits leverage digital channels to effectively engage donors and increase fundraising

Niely Shams

Niely Shams

President, Data Axle Nonprofit

Data Axle’s Apogee and DonorBase cooperatives have always stood out in the nonprofit space, frequently recognized for their position on the cutting edge of innovation. We’re proud of what we’ve accomplished and will continue to be trailblazers as we look to constantly push the envelope as we implement groundbreaking developments – and we did something exciting.

Today, we are thrilled to announce an industry-changing advancement, as we introduce nonprofit-provided digital data sets to both of our industry-leading donor cooperatives allowing nonprofits to more seamlessly and effectively develop omnichannel audiences. The new nonprofit-provided enhanced data sets will propel Data Axle’s industry-leading models even further to deliver omnichannel audiences that can be easily activated across both direct mail and digital channels. This data will enhance our existing consumer digital data in our ever-growing set of models, as well as our acquisition programs.

With Data Axle’s omnichannel co-ops, nonprofits will more effectively acquire, re-engage and upgrade donors by meeting donors where they are, on their preferred channel. Why did we do this? Because we are committed to helping you further your missions, deepen the donor connection and move the needle for whatever goals your organization may have. You’re doing important work and our goal is to help with your success.

Direct Mail and Digital – Better Together

Digital marketing channels provide an amazing opportunity for nonprofit organizations. For years we have utilized direct mail to reach donors with great success. Now we’re taking that a step further with enhanced digital that offers us even more insight into target audiences.

When combined with digital, direct mail has the power to become even stronger and more effective. To activate effectively across both, nonprofits should build omnichannel campaigns starting with the creation of omnichannel audiences. This process can be done with ease in Apogee and DonorBase thanks to the addition of nonprofit-supplied digital data.

Data that Delivers

Data Axle has worked diligently for over a decade aggregating known donation activity from more than one thousand charitable organizations across millions of individual donors. With digital donor data, the co-ops are truly omnichannel and provide a stronger link between donors and their digital transactional footprints. With 1,000+ Apogee members and 500+ DonorBase members now contributing more than 49 million and 47 million digital donor data records, respectively, nonprofits can gain invaluable insights into donor behavior. Furthermore, digital data can be seamlessly added to existing campaign strategies with ease.

“We’ve always had a strong foothold in the digital space, but the addition of digital data further positions us as pioneers as we make industry waves by redefining how nonprofits leverage the power of omnichannel marketing,” said Colin Anderson, GM, Donor Cooperatives. “Nonprofits have been looking for a way to build key target audiences to deliver the best results in their campaigns, and with the addition of digital donor data, we’ve been able to transform our co-ops into cutting edge omnichannel powerhouses.”

Are You Ready to Get Started?

If you’re ready to expand your digital donor reach, improve omnichannel acquisition and re-engage lapsed donors, Data Axle can help. We have been leading the industry in omnichannel marketing and our team of experts are ready to roll up our sleeves to develop the best audiences using our innovative Constellation Series of models as well as supporting the campaign design, execution and optimization.

Contact us about how to incorporate digital donor data and take the first step in embracing the power of Apogee and DonorBase omnichannel cooperatives. Kickstart those campaigns and join us on this exciting journey!

Niely Shams

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Written by Niely Shams, President, Data Axle Nonprofit

Niely oversees the overarching strategy of Data Axle Nonprofit, spanning account support, product offerings, donor acquisition solutions, and program execution.