07.26.22 1 min

Enhance your donor acquisition strategy with Orion

Announcing a new suite of prediction algorithms in Apogee that will help you expand your reach and exceed your campaign goals

Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

We have exciting news – and it’s about your donor acquisition strategy

You already know we are a market leader in data – but do you know we are also a leader in modeling? To better acquire new donors, nonprofits rely on Apogee, our cooperative donor database, and our predictive modeling platform to ensure you’re engaging with the best donors. Apogee uniquely merges individual donor activity with Data Axle’s proprietary consumer and transactional database to bring you a comprehensive understanding of virtually every prospective donor in your universe.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new suite of prediction algorithms in Apogee to expand your reach and exceed your campaign goals with our new “Constellation Series.”

Our cloud-based modeling platform leverages current, proven machine learning algorithms that turn Apogee’s expansive donor data into robust predictions that benefit your cause.

Making the stars align…to drive your acquisition efforts

Finding the best donors is both an art and a science. Our nonprofit team is stacked with industry veterans who work one-on-one with you to design an acquisition strategy unique to your needs, goals and KPIs.

Now – let’s bring in the science. We use the latest methods in artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn our expansive donor data into robust predictions to further your mission. We have numerous unique models with different lenses that we can leverage to ensure we identify the best prospective donors for your cause.

Meet Orion, the first model in our Constellation Series

Orion is designed to be highly customizable to your specific mission goals while producing consistent, reliable results over time, allowing your organization to acquire new donors with confidence. Orion accomplishes this by being able to use and retain more variables than your average model, providing a deeper understanding of every potential donor and ultimately selecting those who are right for your cause.

Want to learn more? Contact us about how Orion can work for you.