10.17.23 2 min

Data Axle announces 100+ million new audience indicator records in its Apogee and DonorBase co-ops

Indicators deliver advanced segmentation to make donor identification faster, smarter, and more cost-effective

Dallas, TX – Oct. 17, 2023 – Today, Data Axle, a leading provider of data, data-driven marketing, real-time intelligence solutions, and augmented intelligence, announced the addition of more than 100 million audience indicators to its robust donor database cooperatives, Apogee and DonorBase. Acquiring and retaining donors is paramount for nonprofits, and organizations are increasingly seeking new and innovative methods to optimize their investments and cultivate their donor base. In response to this need, Data Axle Nonprofit is launching a comprehensive suite of derived indicators to identify new and expanded donor behaviors, affinities, and gifting potential while giving nonprofits perspective into donor preferences. Easily segmented data points provide meaningful insights into potential donor audiences, removing the need for custom models. The result is a fundraising solution that is quicker and more cost-effective than other alternatives that require data to be manually input to achieve similar results.

“We are thrilled to offer new audience indicators that will be a game changer for nonprofits as they seek to reach more donors while strengthening their relationship with the ones they have,” said Niely Shams, President of Data Axle Nonprofit. “Data Axle takes fundraising efforts a step further and offers acquisition opportunities at all levels of the funnel to help build relationships, diversify the donor mix, and identify and segment known donor audiences.”

Prospective donors are divided into six main categories: likely sustainers, likely major givers, likely mid-level givers, likely planned givers, likely donor-advised fund givers, and likely web donors (omnichannel). Segmentation is integral in helping organizations to invest thoughtfully and get the highest returns on investment. Nonprofits are often well aware of activities directly related to their organization. However, additional indicators allow organizations to better understand the patterns beyond their immediate audiences that have more weight in maximizing donor value and the fundraising journey on a broader scale. This data is easy to consume and activate, and it can help organizations target existing donors more effectively.

With these indicators, Data Axle Nonprofit has found that the average age of a likely sustainer is 58.7 years, which, when compared to historical industry beliefs, is younger than the donor in a direct mail file. Further, 84 percent of likely donor-advised fund givers are married, and 84 to 99 percent of givers across all categories are homeowners. Catalog buyers and live theatergoers were also high across all categories, rounding out between seven and eight purchases annually. Data also reveals that likely sustainers give 15 times a year and, on average, are donating $32 each time. Donor-advised fund givers donate six times a year and donate, on average, $181 per gift. Likely web donors are gifting five times a year at $57 each time. This data can be leveraged to elevate an organization’s overall strategy.

“Data Axle’s goal is and always has been to serve organizations better and to make their goals a reality by taking the guesswork out of fundraising to help nonprofits spend more time doing what they love and helping their unique communities,” said Mike Iaccarino, CEO and Chairman of Data Axle. “Our cooperatives allow just that. We actively work to create a seamless, streamlined process that benefits organizations and connects them with the right audience.”

Data Axle Nonprofit cooperatives Apogee and DonorBase aggregate known donor activity from hundreds of organizations across millions of individual donors, which is layered with rich data to create a comprehensive donor profile. Common indicators such as household size, income, age, and occupation have been a part of these profiles for decades, but the addition of other indicators makes this and other data actionable and helps organizations work more efficiently and effectively.

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