02.21.24 1 min

Data Axle Nonprofit launches first email cooperative data directly connected to donation activity

New email cooperative data builds on the breadth and depth of the company’s omnichannel co-ops to fuel integrated marketing efforts

Dallas, TX – Feb. 21, 2024 – Today, Data Axle Nonprofit, a leading provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions, announced the launch of new email data in the company’s robust omnichannel cooperatives, Apogee and DonorBase. The cooperatives are the first in the industry to deliver email addresses that are directly connected to donation activity, resulting in audiences that are more likely to engage and donate. The development is transformative for donor acquisition programs, as nonprofits are increasingly engaging prospective donors through an omnichannel approach: by email, as well as direct mail, social media, and other channels.

Donor acquisition through email continues to gain in prominence, yet current options for nonprofit email audience development often overly rely on consumer data or an organization’s existing email prospects. The Apogee and DonorBase cooperatives chart a new path by prioritizing known donation activity leveraged across the company’s omnichannel cooperatives. This is combined with best-in-class modeling and the use of exhaust data to make Apogee and DonorBase unique in the industry.

“Our email cooperatives are the first and only to provide email addresses that are truly connected to donation activity and build upon the co-ops’ deep direct mail history,” said Niely Shams, president of Data Axle Nonprofit. “The result is a delivered audience that is more likely to respond and donate.”

Early adopters of the email cooperative data report increased campaign performance marked by more interactions, fewer unsubscribes, and larger initial donations than achieved using current industry solutions. Working with Data Axle Nonprofit, organizations can leverage over 80 million nonprofit-submitted philanthropic email addresses and a sophisticated approach to audience development to boost email acquisition and engagement.

“We’re thrilled that initial uses of our email cooperative data show positive results and an ability to power more accurate and efficient donor acquisition through email,” shared Colin Anderson, general manager of donor cooperatives at Data Axle Nonprofit.

The new Apogee and DonorBase email cooperative data is one of many impactful developments this year as the company seeks to improve and strengthen the ways nonprofits reach new donors across all channels. Learn more about email data within the Apogee and DonorBase cooperatives, and contact [email protected] for more in-depth information on email acquisition.

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