10.11.22 2 min

Data Axle’s Apogee co-op database hits key milestone of 1,000 nonprofit members

Nonprofits across all missions rely on Apogee to support their expanding acquisition strategies

DALLAS – October 11, 2022 – Data Axle, the leading provider of data, data-driven marketing and real-time business intelligence solutions, announced today that Apogee, the company’s premier co-op donor database for nonprofit organizations, has reached over 1,000 members. The growth of the platform is fueled by a rise in nonprofit organizations turning to cooperative databases to spur donor acquisition efforts, as well as the stellar reputation and performance of Apogee, allowing current members to have access to more donors and donor history.

Paired with Data Axle’s proprietary consumer and transactional data, Apogee’s data sets can provide nonprofits with a comprehensive understanding of virtually every prospective donor. With Apogee, Data Axle helps organizations acquire new donors, reactivate lapsed donors, increase LTV from existing donors and improve their mission’s goals.

“This is a milestone we have been working towards, and I am so proud of the team for getting us to this point,” said Niely Shams, President, Nonprofit Solutions at Data Axle. “We are excited for the opportunities this added membership brings to Apogee users and are eager to continue bringing new insights to the nonprofit community.”

In addition to the recent growth, Data Axle has also released a new suite of prediction algorithms for Apogee. Data Axle’s Constellation Series aims to exceed campaign goals through cloud-based modeling platforms that leverage current, proven machine learning algorithms. Phoenix, the latest model in the Constellation Series, aims to be customizable, providing a deep understanding of the best prospective donors to help nonprofits expand their reach and overall campaign performance.

“The nonprofit sector continues to be a category of immense growth for Data Axle,” said Michael Iaccarino, Chairman & CEO of Data Axle. “We see tremendous potential in the power of Apogee, and are proud to grow the department and continue servicing all 1000 nonprofit members, and empowering them to reach their mission goals.”

Data Axle is hosting a webinar with the ANA on October 13th at 3:00pm ET on “5 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do with a Co-Op”. Register here to attend the webinar for free: https://www.ana.net/webinars/show?id=COMWWP-2210133P

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