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New audience indicators in Apogee and DonorBase cooperatives quickly identify emergency donors

Audience indicators offer granular and actionable donor insights, which are critical to driving timely fundraising

Dallas, TX – March 12, 2024 – Data Axle Nonprofit, a leading provider of data and data-driven marketing solutions, announced the addition of new audience indicators within its Apogee and DonorBase omnichannel cooperatives that identify donors poised to give following an emergency event. This development builds on the company’s comprehensive suite of audience indicators that illuminate donor behaviors, affinities, and gifting potential yet do not require time-intensive custom modeling. With the newest emergency and episodic giving indicators, nonprofit organizations can quickly identify who is most likely to give after an emergency.

In addition to emergency and episodic indicators, Data Axle Nonprofit also provides audience indicators for the following high-priority categories in nonprofit fundraising: sustainers, donor advised funds, channel preference, planned giving, and mid-level and major giving. With 100M+ donors within the Apogee and DonorBase cooperatives, audience indicators provide extensive insights and are available to be appended on demand. Important for all fundraising campaigns – and especially emergency-related appeals – audience insights are delivered in an average of two days, a fraction of the time compared to the custom modeling standard in the industry.

“Our number one priority is and always has been a dedication to serving our nonprofit clients to help them propel their organizations’ unique missions,” said Niely Shams, president of Data Axle Nonprofit. “One of the pain points nonprofits face is the ability to mobilize timely fundraising appeals directed to the right groups, especially in response to an emergency situation. We remove the guesswork by providing fast insights with our audience indicators and allowing nonprofits to focus on their mission work.”

Nonprofit organizations can confidently act on information provided by the audience indicators, which achieve the accuracy and nuance of a custom model without the long lead time. A national nonprofit utilizing the sustainer audience indicator in telemarketing efforts reported the Apogee-flagged records converted to sustainers at a rate 2.8 times higher than their own internally selected records.

Nonprofit fundraising programs must adapt quickly to be successful, and Data Axle Nonprofit audience indicators provide actionable and granular insights into the right donors with a quick turnaround time. This is critical for all fundraising programs, and now nonprofits with emergency-related fundraising campaigns are able to access audience indicator insights. Data Axle Nonprofit is proud to be at the forefront of innovation by providing ongoing support and solutions to clients in need of expanding their donor outreach efforts as efficiently and effectively as possible.

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