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Campaign results: Is your data delivering on these core metrics?

Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

The results are in, and we’re spreading the word. As you know, at Data Axle Nonprofit, we strive to ensure our clients are reaching their acquisition, retention, fundraising and awareness goals through a smart mix of high-tech, data-based, omnichannel marketing audiences and strategies.

We are delighted to announce that our clients are reaching new heights of success. Apogee’s Constellation series of cloud-based models is delivering on crucial metrics for client campaigns. Want the proof? We have some rock-solid metrics and industry benchmarks for you.

The inside scoop: Our new cooperative models are over indexing the competition.

  • On average, Apogee donors have an income-per-piece-mailed (IPPM) 50% higher than other list providers in the same campaigns
  • There has been a reduction in relative cost to acquire for our customers of between 20% and 30%
  • An increase in relative list strength: the reduction in CTA means our Apogee clients can take on more volume and reach more potential donors

How can you achieve these results?

Data is what gives nonprofits the power to achieve these results. Given Apogee’s current membership base exceeding 1,000, we are thrilled to offer our nonprofit members a comprehensive understanding of nearly every potential donor. The Apogee co-op boasts a vast collection of over a billion unique donations, across millions of donors.

Meet Xena, an all-purpose aggregate solution

Xena draws on rich past-campaign data to help you succeed in the present. Xena extends the power of a traditional ensemble model by combining our cooperative databases suite of AI models through a proprietary machine-learning process.

By utilizing knowledge and patterns from our other models, Xena is able to assign the optimal weighting tailored exactly to your key metrics through evaluating how well each model would have performed on your organization’s past campaigns through real-time back testing. Looking to scale your campaigns while simultaneously improving performance? Then Xena might be an excellent fit for you.

Are you going to the Bridge Conference this year? Meet up with us at booths 101 and 103 to discuss how our models can work for you.

Colin Anderson

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Written by Colin Anderson, General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

Colin has deep experience using cutting edge data science methods to develop consumer predictions and identify optimal audiences to maximize marketing budgets and grow revenues.