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Climb to new heights of success with our new DonorBase models

Announcing a new suite of cloud-based prediction algorithms in DonorBase that will help you boost donor acquisition, retention, reach and engagement.

Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

Our newest models are here to change the game for your omnichannel marketing program

We’re known in the industry for our high-quality donor data, but we’re about to make waves with our latest data science innovation.

Our clients rely on us to help them find and connect with the best prospective donor audiences and we’re constantly working on new ways to help our clients achieve their mission goals.

Today, we’re excited to announce a new suite of prediction algorithms in DonorBase to expand our client’s reach and help them exceed campaign goals with our “Mountain Series.”

Our cloud-based modeling platform takes advantage of the most ground-breaking artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to turn DonorBase’s expansive donor data into robust predictions that will lead our clientele to new heights of success.

From driving acquisition and increasing retention to expanding reach, you get the view from the top

Finding your best prospective donors and surrounding them on the channels they are active on, with personalized messaging, is more important than ever. Our nonprofit team is stacked with industry veterans who work one-on-one with you to design an omnichannel marketing program unique to your needs, goals and KPIs.

To power that strategy, we use the latest methods in artificial intelligence and machine learning to turn our expansive donor data into robust predictions to further your mission. We have numerous unique models with different lenses that we can leverage to ensure we identify the best prospective donors for your cause.

Meet the models in our Mountain Peak Series:


A neural network that mimics the way the brain works, processes vast amounts of information to make strong predictions.


Our flagship ensemble model is designed for organizations that plan to mail large volumes and that have a vast amount of past campaign data.


A powerful machine learning algorithm that uses decision trees to find excellent pockets of donors who are likely to respond.


The power to leverage thousands of data points on every donor to find both high value and highly responsive donors is at your fingertips.

Colin Anderson

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Written by Colin Anderson, General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

Colin has deep experience using cutting edge data science methods to develop consumer predictions and identify optimal audiences to maximize marketing budgets and grow revenues.