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Power-up your acquisition strategy with digital data 

With the addition of nonprofit-supplied digital data, the process of new donor acquisition can be executed seamlessly.

Lisa Greene

Lisa Greene

EVP, Data Axle Nonprofit

The importance of new donor acquisition

Retaining current donors is important. However, acquiring new donors is essential for expanding the reach of a nonprofit’s message and increasing its impact. By attracting more supporters, nonprofits can raise awareness about their cause, build a broader community of like-minded individuals, and ultimately achieve a more significant impact.

In addition, donor acquisition can provide nonprofits with a more diversified funding base, reducing their reliance on a small number of major donors or funding sources. This can help to ensure the long-term success and sustainability of the organization.

The changing landscape of donor acquisition

Your donors, from the Baby Boomers to Gen Z, are online and you need to meet them there. Donors that would generally mail in a check are now heading to your website to donate online once they get your direct mail in their hand.

Nonprofit organizations can leverage digital marketing channels to their advantage. While direct mail has been a successful means of reaching donors for years, the integration of digital platforms offers even more valuable insights into target audiences. By combining direct mail and digital channels, nonprofits can create a more powerful and effective outreach strategy. To execute such an omnichannel campaign, nonprofits can start by building omnichannel audiences with the help of cooperative databases.

However, very few co-ops offer digital data. This is where our databases, Apogee and DonorBase, come into play. With the addition of nonprofit-supplied digital data, the process of new-donor acquisition can be executed seamlessly.

Expanding your donor prospect pool

When it comes to your donor prospect pool – you have to make sure you are targeting the right people. Just as your organization may change and grow over time, the profile of your best potential new donor may also change. Using all the cooperative donor data now available across channels we can work with you to find new audiences and reactivate lapsed donor pools and meet them on the right channel, at the right time.

Our comprehensive omnichannel cooperative data allows members to gain insight into the donor as a whole person – from giving patterns to demographics, hobbies and lifestyle. Our sophisticated algorithms look at how these data points translate into giving; helping your organization identify new prospective donors and reactivate lapsed donors.

The prospective donors of tomorrow live their lives online. Too often, nonprofits return to their core prospect pool, but the key to sustainability is growing that prospect pool to also include young philanthropists that are looking to start a new philanthropic relationship. With enhanced segmentation you can target each of your audiences and personas on the channels they prefer – from direct mail to display and social.

Leveraging cooperative data to level-up

Utilizing omnichannel data alongside your house-file data allows you to identify and segment your audiences for a more personalized donor journey. Cooperative omnichannel donor data, such as that provided by Apogee and Donorbase, uses select data points to help you identify likely sustainers, mid-level givers, prospects for planned giving, and more.

Predictive modeling and the depth and breadth of omnichannel cooperative data can take your program to the next level. Whether it’s identifying new donors or improving the experience of existing donors, there are a multitude of benefits as a member of an omnichannel cooperative database.

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Lisa Greene

Written by Lisa Greene, EVP, Data Axle Nonprofit

Lisa leads a team of professionals supporting a wide array of partners and providing strategic insight to further missions.