10.12.22 1 min

The future of omnichannel marketing in a privacy-centric world

How nonprofits should plan for the cookie-less future and what tools they need to succeed in an omnichannel world.

Data Axle Staff

The world of consumer privacy is evolving – and with that brings huge changes to the marketing and advertising ecosphere. Google’s decision to sunset third-party cookies has pushed the digital advertising industry into uncharted territory, leaving nonprofits searching for effective alternatives to identify and reach their target audiences online. Social media giant, Meta, also recently shocked marketers when it announced it would be removing options to target audiences based on political beliefs, social issues, causes, organizations, and more. But what do these changes really mean and how can nonprofits prepare for them?

In the video below, Deborah Barge, Chief Development Officer, ​Big Brothers Big Sisters of America (BBBSA) and Amy Braiterman, Vice President, Digital Solutions, ​Data Axle Nonprofit​ share insights into what nonprofits can expect, how they should plan for the cookie-less future, how omnichannel ties into it and what tools they need to succeed in this brave new world.

Some key highlights:

  • An overview of the tactical impact of the deprecation of the cookie
  • Insights into how BBBSA is ensuring they center donor privacy while still getting their message to the people who want to hear it
  • Best practices for future-proofing your marketing such as focus on 1st party data, people-based audiences, and data-driven contextual and interest-based strategies


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