The donor perspective on Giving Tuesday: survey report

What donors need to hear to gift your mission on this crucial day

Giving Tuesday is continuing to grow in popularity; and the question in 2022 isn’t if your organization should participate in Giving Tuesday, but at what level? This report might help you decide.

We’ve surveyed over 1000 potential donors to hear straight from the horses’ mouth what moves them to give on Giving Tuesday, how much they are willing to give and how you can reach them.

Download the full report for key findings, insights and recommendations, such as:

  • Donors want to give on Giving Tuesday, but 71% aren’t sure when it is.
  • 32% of donors know which nonprofits they want to give to a month before Giving Tuesday and 29% choose day-of.
  • 82% of Giving Tuesday donors give to 1-3 charities on Giving Tuesday.

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