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Accessing donor insights fast, when you need them most

Identifying and engaging the right donors is a perennial challenge, even more so for emergency-related fundraising events

Niely Shams

Niely Shams

President, Data Axle Nonprofit

Data Axle Nonprofit is excited to launch our newest DonorBase and Apogee audience indicators designed to help nonprofits act quickly following an emergency situation by identifying the most responsive audience for a targeted appeal or acquisition campaign.

Our clients already use audience indicators to identify:

  • likely sustainers,
  • donors who give through donor advised funds,
  • preferred communication channels for donors,
  • likely planned giving prospects,
  • mid-level giving prospects, and
  • identification of donors for major gifts.

These indicators can help fundraisers answer high-priority questions for their programs, such as “Who is most likely to become a sustainer?” or “Which channels of communication are preferred by my organization’s supporters and donors?” Now, they can be used to answer, “Who is most likely to give following an emergency?”

The audience indicators guide next steps by taking a wide view of data from hundreds of nonprofits in our omnichannel cooperatives to accurately identify donors who fall into respective indicator categories. No custom modeling is needed, allowing nonprofits to obtain insights quickly, typically within days.

The emergency & episodic giving indicators: ready to take action

Nonprofits play a critical role in disaster response, providing aid, resources, and support to affected communities. Indeed, the agility of nonprofits in fundraising is vital for swiftly acquiring necessary resources to address urgent needs. Utilizing audience indicators – like the new emergency and episodic giving indicators – enables nonprofits to take rapid next steps in reaching out to constituents who are most likely to donate to a time-sensitive cause and empower donors to make an immediate difference.

We know one of the pain points nonprofits face is the ability to mobilize timely fundraising appeals directed at the right individuals, including in response to an emergency situation. Whether it is an emergency or enhancing your donor outreach and acquisition program, we can remove the guesswork by providing fast insights with our audience indicators, allowing nonprofits to focus on their mission work.

Audience indicators in action

Our world changes quickly and being flexible and able to pivot when needed are often key to fundraising success. With over 100 million donors within Apogee and DonorBase, audience indicators provide extensive insights and answer nuanced questions without needing to rely on custom modeling that requires a lengthy lead time.

It sounds great in theory, but how can you make these tools work for you? One national nonprofit utilized the sustainer audience indicator in their telemarketing efforts and reported the Apogee identified records converted to sustainers at a rate of 2.8 times higher than their own internally selected records. The proof is in the data!

By choosing Apogee and DonorBase audience indicators, you too can realize this type of success, whether that be for emergency giving or to grow your sustainer pool, this actionable data is available to implement within days!

Niely Shams

Written by Niely Shams, President, Data Axle Nonprofit

Niely oversees the overarching strategy of Data Axle Nonprofit, spanning account support, product offerings, donor acquisition solutions, and program execution.