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Hitting the data trifecta: maximizing donor & voter outreach during election season

With election season in full swing, the race to reach voters and political donors is on.

Ty Marion

Ty Marion

General Manager, Political Advocacy, Data Axle

We’re at a pivotal point in the 2024 election cycle with Super Tuesday rapidly approaching, and the general election season taking shape. With increased enthusiasm in the space as November approaches, it remains crucial to stay laser-focused on donor and voter engagement. Using a data-driven approach increases the efficiency and effectiveness of campaign efforts leading up to this year’s particularly anticipated Election Day. Time is of the essence, especially in the midst of an election year, so we’ll get right to the point. Introducing: Our political data trifecta, and how we can help you reach it.

1. Reaching donors and voters where they are – and where they are engaging

Knowing your audience and their preferred channels is key to a successful campaign. An omnichannel approach allows campaigns to cater to different donor/voter segments. This flexibility is fundamental to stay relevant and connected with your supporters. Whether it’s by direct mail, phone, email, or social media, engaging with supporters on their preferred channels leads to increased fundraising success and advocacy engagement as donors/voters are more likely to support a cause when the interaction feels natural and convenient.

How we can help: Data Axle has unrivaled access to extensive consumer, business, and donor databases, offering unique insights into individual behaviors and preferences. We are experts in omnichannel solutions – from intelligence to activation, it’s what we do. Through utilization of reverse data appends, insightful demographic, geographic, and psychographic data, we enable our clients to reach donors and voters where they are most likely to engage and respond. Consider us your one-stop-shop to activate your omnichannel marketing strategy and program to achieve your goals.

2. Identifying the segment of donors and/or voters who will move the needle

By leveraging data analytics and insights, you can effectively identify the segment of voters that will have the most significant impact on fundraising or GOTV, whether that’s “grasstops” fundraisers or a specific subset of swing voters.

How we can help: Data Axle offers a distinctive advantage by seamlessly linking voter and donor data with fulfillment logic and predictive modeling. We can target your identified niche audience, as well as identify potential supporters, swing voters, or undecided individuals. We can also help you find those elusive unregistered voters within our voting-age database of 290 million U.S. consumers.

Bonus! Our new veteran identifier in our consumer database includes 15 million veteran households and 1 million active-duty households. This enhancement allows us to facilitate comprehensive outreach and engagement within this essential audience segment.

3. Tapping into voters’ and donors’ motivations

Understanding the underlying motivations that drive donors to give and voters to cast their ballots is essential. Data can provide insights into what motivates different segments of the electorate, which can ultimately mobilize supporters and persuade swing voters by speaking to their values and priorities.

How we can help: Our data and services help to uncover the motivations that drive individuals to donate or vote. By leveraging our extensive cell phone and email data, you can effectively enhance GOTV efforts, reach targeted groups of voters or donors, and craft personalized messages that resonate deeply – maximizing efficiency of outreach.

As the cycle advances, we’re staying true to the data trifecta. These are the key pillars of data that will maximize donor and voter outreach efforts in the coming months, generating the best possible outcome in fundraising and at the polls. As a trusted leader in the U.S. data field, Data Axle is your full-service campaign management partner. We’re here to help you gain the edge now and throughout this election cycle – because data isn’t just what we do, it’s who we are.

Ty Marion

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Written by Ty Marion, General Manager, Political Advocacy, Data Axle

Ty leads the Political Advocacy & Fundraising team, leveraging 20+ years’ experience to deliver targeted voter contact solutions to clients that draw on the company's robust data.