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Creating a 360-degree view this election season

How “super profiles” on voters, donors, and influencers is key in 2024

Ty Marion

Ty Marion

General Manager, Political Advocacy, Data Axle

A barbershop owner in a small town…

A coffee shop proprietor who has strong ties to their community…

For those of us in the political campaign world, identifying political influencers can feel like trying to find a needle in a haystack. Whether it’s a coffee shop owner, other small business owners, or donors and voters who are influential in their community, it is essential to create “super profiles” of our political audiences to ensure we understand them and can connect with them as November approaches.

Seeing the link between ‘at home’ and ‘at the office’ to expand reach

One tactic that reduces the “needle in the haystack” hunt and is one of the most impactful uses of data during election season is the ability to connect individuals at work and at home. Typically, these data points exist separately, but we all know that a political donor is both a passionate advocate at home and at their place of work.

In recent years, my team and I have worked with clients to implement B2C Link, a blend of Data Axle’s business and consumer databases. This allows a unique view of both personal and business insights in one profile.

We can redefine the way you’re reaching out to top donors, voters, or political influencers by illuminating who to engage and where to reach them – and also how to reach them with the correct messages given their business/industry and personal insights from B2C Link: their lifestyle attributes, industries they’re associated with, demographic data, and more that drive political views. B2C Link can identify potential influencers in your community who can help mobilize constituents for down-ballot races and issue-based advocacy.

What is most rewarding is that B2C Link lessens the burden of finding the needle in the haystack. Here’s how it works:

  • 360-Degree View to Expand Reach: Enhance files with business or consumer data and with demographic attributes to build the ultimate profile and expand reach.
  • Target More Effectively: Identify new key audiences based on both business and consumer attributes.
  • Connect with the Right Messages: The consumer data link enables the ability to share messages your audiences care about personally, and business data offers industry affiliation and interests. Combined, these insights create the conditions for messaging that resonates and inspires action.

Are you able to reach the voters you want – and reach them where they’re engaging?

The possibilities of utilizing data smartly and efficiently in the 2024 season doesn’t end with tools like B2C Link.

It’s equally essential to cover the bases of voter contact and outreach – including cell phone and email coverage – for solid fundraising plans. At Data Axle, we rely on our strong foundation of data:

  • 300M+ cell phones: Our industry-leading cell phone data enables more effective outreach.
  • 1B+ emails: Accelerate GOTV, voter contact, and identity resolution with our comprehensive email data.
  • Veteran & military outreach: Our new veteran identifier includes 15M veteran households and 1M active-duty households.
  • Unregistered voters: Identify elusive unregistered voters within our voting age database of 290M consumers.

It’s all about knowing audiences better and reaching them more successfully and efficiently. The nuanced part is picking the right tools. My team and I are passionate about data this election season, including the ability to create a true 360-degree view of your in-demand voters, donors, or influencers.

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Ty Marion

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Written by Ty Marion, General Manager, Political Advocacy, Data Axle

Ty leads the Political Advocacy & Fundraising team, leveraging 20+ years’ experience to deliver targeted voter contact solutions to clients that draw on the company's robust data.