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The impact of email cooperative data

Lessons from storytime

Colin Anderson

Colin Anderson

General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

“What happens next, Dad?”

My kids and I spend hours reading picture books, yet no matter how much we read, there always seems to be a desire for more: we’re ready for the next hero and the next adventure. When it comes to nonprofit marketing and fundraising, I find we are similarly searching for our next chapter: how to boost acquisition rates, how to increase ROI, and how to find the next great audience of potential donors.

Perhaps this sounds familiar: you diligently segment available donor data, working to identify high-quality audiences so that you can craft personalized stories, and you’re thinking all the while about how you can grow your donor acquisition program. You’re wondering whether you are truly turning over every stone to find the next best supporters and donors.

We’re excited to have recently launched email cooperative data within Apogee and DonorBase to power digital acquisition and engagement, helping you gain essential insights and “turn over every stone.”

In our omnichannel world, it’s imperative to reach donors and prospective donors in diverse channels, with email playing a very important role in this mix. Leveraging nonprofit cooperative data, like Apogee and DonorBase, is so valuable to your programs because good data is the foundation of good audience development – and ultimately the success of your donor acquisition and engagement programs.

Saying no to the status quo

For many of our clients, donor acquisition by email is time-consuming and can yield uncertain results. Due to the expense of email acquisition and the lack of qualified nonprofit donor email address inventory, the quality of the data you’re using is paramount.

Apogee and DonorBase omnichannel cooperatives are the first and only in the industry that provide members with email audiences that are directly linked to donation activity. This results in an increased probability of identifying new individuals who are ready to engage and donate.

Building upon the cooperatives’ deep omnichannel (including direct mail) history and robust membership – comprising 1,000+ Apogee and 500+ DonorBase members – Data Axle Nonprofit delivers email addresses that are directly connected to donation activity. We pair this with best-in-class modeling and the use of exhaust data to make Apogee and DonorBase unique in the industry. With access to this data, you can gain insights that increase your reach and power new donor acquisition through email and other digital channels.

Early results

Recent test results using Data Axle Nonprofit email cooperative data, in comparison to other industry sources, displayed highly encouraging indicators.

Notably, testing resulted in larger initial donation amounts – which creates a huge immediate impact! Tests with our data also produced fewer unsubscribes and more email interactions, which is great news for bolstering email programs.

The next chapter

Much like my kids are excited to meet the hero in their stories, I can’t wait to follow along as this next chapter of email acquisition and engagement unfolds.

I invite you to embark on this journey with us and find your next heroes using the best of Apogee and DonorBase omnichannel data. Reach out to us at [email protected], and one of our team members can help you dive into digital acquisition.

Colin Anderson

Written by Colin Anderson, General Manager Cooperative Data, Data Axle Nonprofit

Colin has deep experience using cutting edge data science methods to develop consumer predictions and identify optimal audiences to maximize marketing budgets and grow revenues.